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our goal is to provide unique home decor pieces that brighten your space and spark creative energy so that you love staying home. we strive to bring you playful and unorthodox furniture so that you wake up every morning feeling lifted and inspired. at shaped home, we want you to take pride in your space and create your own personal safe haven.

get to know the founder, shania wilson

growing up, i’ve always had an artistic nature, but only recently have been given the opportunity and confidence to nurture my craft. my goal is to make functional art so that even the simplest parts of my customer’s lives has a unique, artistic touch. starting with home decor, which can be somewhat run of the mill, there’s a need for more playful, colorful furnishings. i'm beginning to embrace my inner child and these pieces are a reflection of the whimsical nature of this journey. as a 24 year old black woman, my hopes are that i can grow my business in order to support other artists in the future and cultivate a work environment where they are treated ethically and with humanity. 

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